Did You Know

There is no other country in the world that produces as many kinds of spices as India does. And there are such potent spices that even if they are required are very minimal quantities in a dish, their influence on the taste and aroma will be substantial. Vasco-da-gama took Indian spices to Europe for its taste, aroma and rich mineral content.

Types of Cuisine

  • There is no single cuisine in India, Just like the culture of India, the Indian cuisine is also very diverse. From Punjabi to South Indian to Gujarati, Indian food consists of a number of different regional cuisines.Most of the Indian cuisines have a liberal usage of spices. Also, there is a wide usage of a variety of vegetables. Within these basic similarities, there is also diversity in the local styles, However, the staple diet of India consists of rice, atta (whole wheat flour), a variety of pulses and vegetables.

Dish of the Day

Amritsari King Prawns
King prawns coated in cornflower cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh ginger served with tossed vegetables and pilau rice.